From retinoid to ceramide, the skincare world has a strong (and ever-growing) list of sci-fi sounding terms to know about. But you don’t need a chemistry degree to get the lowdown on them.

Here I’ll be trying out products featuring some of the hottest ingredients right now. Plus, I’ll give you a breakdown of what they can do for your skin – no lab coat necessary.

The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane

A key ingredient for tackling the first signs of ageing, this retinoid solution fits snugly into your nighttime routine, somewhere between a water-based serum and your fave night cream. Unlike retinol, this retinoid blend has less chance of irritating your skin. But, important heads up here, it can still make it more sensitive to the sun, so don’t forget to add some SPF to your morning routine – if you haven’t already, that is. Click here to shop now.

Holika Holika Good Cera Super Ceramide Cream

I mean, just look at that texture. Korean brand Holika Holika’s Good Cera Super Ceramide Cream boasts up to 72 hours of hydration, so it’s dreamy for drier skin types. Its hero ingredient is ceramide, which helps replenish your skin’s moisture levels and create a barrier to protect it from the elements. It’s rich, it’s buttery and it’s definitely earned a place on my dresser. Click here to shop now.

THE INKEY LIST Face Alpha Hydroxy Acid

OK, let’s all say this together now: alpha hydroxy acid, which you might know better as AHA. Naturally found in plants, THE INKEY LIST's formula is infused with AHA acid from fruit. Applying a few drops of this serum at night after cleansing your skin helps exfoliate and soften the skin. Again, I’d recommend you use some form of SPF the morning after, just in case you're more sensitive to the sun than usual. Click here to shop now.

Origins GinZing Treatment Lotion Mist 150ml

TBH, I’d buy this based on its amazing citrus fragrance alone. But, this mist from Origins is way more than just a scented spray. It’s formulated with ginseng, believed to brighten and tone skin, as well as two more superstar ingredients, coffee beans and pomegranate. Perfect for your morning routine, it serves up super-speedy skin revitalisation that helps boost radiance and moisture. A spritz of this when I wake up (before my flat white) and I’m ready to face the day. Click here to shop now. 

Dr Dennis Gross C+ Collagen Brighten + Firm Serum Vitamin C Serum

Now, this one is def more of an investment buy. But, if I’m going to splurge on Face + Body, it’s probably always going to be on skincare. This gel-serum created by dermatologist Dr Dennis Gross is infused with three, yep three different types of Vitamin C – a go-to for brighter-looking, smoother skin. A few pumps of this over my face and neck, and my skin felt slightly firmer straight away. My moisturiser was pretty happy about having primed skin to go onto, too. Click here to shop now.

Pixi Glow Peel Pads

Pixi’s tonics and mists have long been some of my ride-or-die buys, so I was looking forward to seeing how these glycolic acid pads worked out. Glycolic acid is known for its major exfoliation skills, shifting dead cells to reveal fresher-looking skin. I’ve tried out similar pads to these before, but I was impressed with how gentle these were (oh hey, rosewater, Vitamin E and aloe vera). My skin felt instantly smoother, and the usual tingling feeling that comes with products like this was pretty minimal. Click here to shop now.

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